With a job as an Owner/Operator Partner with TranStewart Trucking and Logistics, you’ll be able to build a solid career with many different avenues for growth, job stability and financial success.

With TranStewart, Every Partner is Part of our Family. And We Know to Treat Our Family Well.

TranStewart Trucking and Logistics is a nationally known ground transportation company celebrating three decades of operations. Started by a father and a son who were owner / operators themselves, they experienced everything that you go through on the road, as well as other questionable business practices that can prevent you from making a decent living. The result was forming an ALL-owner operator friendly company which gives you choices of how you want to run your own business. It is a more traditional treatment where you are a business partner, not a contractor. It all starts with accountability. You can speak with the company’s owner anytime you want to. TranStewart Trucking and Logistics is a place where freight managers discuss loads with you that YOU are interested in, not threatening you with loads you don’t want.

Relationships over Profit.

TranStewart Trucking is trucking like it used to be! The difference with us is a refreshing change of pace from an impersonal world where you are a truck number, to being known by your name with the odds stacked in your favor to make good money.

We Offer The Following


  • Industry leading pay programs
  • A place that will help you grow your own fleet



  •       Guaranteed Home Time
  •       Direct Deposit
  •       New Trailers



  • Choose your loads
  • Professional staff with 80 plus combined years in the transportation industry

Taking The Next Step

If you would like to trade your discontent for a refreshing experience and good pay, call us today at 517-567-2265. You deserve better and we’ll provide it.  At TranStewart Trucking, it truly is business as it should be.