1st Quarter 2015

Don Holloway
Don Holloway

It is fitting that the first honoree of our quarterly Road Warrior Award goes to one of our first Owner/Operators, Mr. Don Holloway.  As a Michigan based partner, Don started in transportation almost 30 years ago transporting electronics via semi’s and has spent the last 18 years battling traffic in his 1997 Volvo straight truck.  We feel very fortunate that the last 12 out of those 18 years have been with TranStewart!

Don has won many awards with TranStewart through the years, most recently Contractor of the Decade in 2012.  His 100% On Time Performance record for 10 years remains intact and in addition, he has logged over 3.5 million accident free miles.  Don has also been unofficially honored by dispatch with the Mr. Congeniality Award and the Kenny Rogers Lookalike Award.

Life on the road is never easy and takes a savvy businessman to turn a good profit according to Don.  Having a steady and reliable mechanic in your home base area to keep up preventative maintenance is the first step.  What is Don’s best advice to other Road Warriors when something happens while you are ON the road?  “Be prepared; keep hoses, belts, clamps, filters and all the tools to take them on and off.”  “Nine times out of ten, on-road issues are of a simple nature yet spiral out of control when wreckers get involved”, he advises.

On his off time, Don enjoys spending time with his wife of 16 years, Marie.  Don is also the proud father of two girls, Amy and Jill, and three grandchildren, Arielle, Jonathan, and Amelia.

Don just can’t stay away from the road for long, though, and enjoys working on his two classic cars, a 1982 Corvette and 1964 Chevy Impala which have been the recipient of many “Best in Class” trophies.  Road trips with Marie and their two Cardigan Corgi’s (Ricky & Lucy) to Lake Michigan are a favorite family outing.

Working with Don over the past 12 years has been an absolute joy and we are proud and honored to present the 1st quarter 2015 Road Warrior Award to the nicest guy in trucking, Mr. Donald Holloway.