2012 Carrier of the Year

Recognized for performance excellence in the following areas: volume, on-time pickup, delivery performance, technology support, contracted rates and negotiation, and strategic partnerships with suppliers.

“It’s not rocket science … it’s all because of giving the customer what they paid for. It’s why I’m here and it’s a lesson I’ll never forget.”

Sarah Stewart, President

2017 Top 10 Trucking Companies

TranStewart has been recognized by FuelLoyal as one of the Top 10 Trucking Companies in Michigan for quality transportation services and safety standards. TranStewart will continue to provide exceptional customer experience with on-time pickups, delivery, technology support, and strategic partnerships with their suppliers.

2012 Carrier of the Year Award

For the second time, TranStewart was recognized by their customers for its exceptional performance and quality.

2013 SmartWay Carrier Award

TranStewart is an EPA SmartWay partner recognized for exceptional achievement, as a leader in freight efficiency based on the SmartWay data within fourteen fleet type and size categories.

2007 On-Time Performance

TranStewart is proud to have been recognized by their customers for achievement in on-time performance for pickup and delivery of expedited and various other types of freight